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Read Below "The Stress of it All"




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                                         The Stress of It All

I did get my modification after 4 years! 

        Shelter is one of the essential elements in life, in addition to food, water, and human contact. What is shelter? It is our homes. And because our homes are essential, the banks  are  able to mess with those of us in loan modification hell to the point that we become physically ill. I have read about it, and I have experienced it.

      The gut-wrenching fear is present almost constantly some days. Most of the people I know who are in loan modification hell are on anti-stress meds. We are smart people, loving people, compassionate people, and the banks are brutally assaulting our very souls. I know that's strong, but its how I feel and what I know. I know people in this nightmare who throw up many mornings because of the stress. I know people whose chronic illnesses have increased, and who are often too tired to drag themselves out of bed. I know that couples fight, that marriages are threatened, and that people are just overcome with disbelief. And yet it continues.

      I worry about the people who are at their wits end. How in the world are they ever going to fight the banks if they are so scared - so almost paralyzed with fear that they will lose? Most people have no ONE person at the bank they can talk to. It's the luck of the draw who you will get on the other end of that line when you call that bank, and I know first hand that no matter how prepared you think you are, that person can reduce you to a puddle with their cruelty.

      I often fantasize about a class action lawsuit against Wall Street. Not about the loan mods (although that is a fantasy at other times), but one that is due to the personal damages and stress and health care costs that we have all incurred because of this nightmare. Ah, that is something that might happen in another dimension, unfortunately. The America I now know now does not care about much about anything more than money and power. It is sad, isn't it?

                                    Wake up America Before the Banks ruin this country.