Grace Haven Camp,

Bella Vista CA

This will be the view from our new living room window! Dreams maybe will come true!
This is the spot where the mobile home sat before Ron's ex wife burnt it down. Click on the pictures to see a larger image.
This is the spot we want to build our retirement home at.  We are putting in a horse camp. With the new people we have up there it means that the dreams are getting closer all the time.
Our pond up on the mountain. These days the ranch is looking better all the time.  We may be moving before long! 
Our own private forest!
This is the mobile home before it got burnt. Ron's ex wife Greta did the deed of burning it down while Ron was down in San Diego.  She really is crazy! One of the reasons for us not moving up there.  I look forward to living up north.  We will have to rent out the ranch down here.
A good picture of the 2 1/2 miles to the top of the mountain. We are moving a lot of our dogs up to Northern California.  We will still have our puppies in San Diego as well.
Sun up is a good thing! Maybe we should live up there!  Open the horse camp so we can have visitors!

Can't wait to get the place going up there!




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