Bear's Story......The Journey Home

stolen on 12/13/06!  bring him home! They gave him to someone and will not give him back. scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Bear is chipped 4414072B44 we keep hoping. When Bear was born he was out of Bosco my male and Widget my little female and was just one out of two in the litter.  He stole my heart away from the very beginning.  He worshiped my everything.  He demanded attention from the beginning and let all the other dogs know he was the pack leader.  He was a charmer that was like no other.

Several of Bear's siblings where so much to look like him that I never thought of him as being different in any way.  He was so special to us.  The example of the kind of puppies I truly wanted to see produced. Whoever has him I am sure are breeding him.  He would be 10 years old now.
Bear was mum's star.  Even as he grew up.  The girls used to shove him under the fence in order to get rid of the brat from the yard.  He was always with me and at times I would tie him up so he would stay some place when I would be some where else.  He won the hearts of many people as a puppy.  But he only had eyes for his mum.  This time was very hard for me as it was when I lost my husband and needed a little dog to be special.
After sometime Ron came into my life.  Bear became as ever the alpha male.  He even showed Ron some things about driving.  He helped with all the ranch chores everyday with Ron.  Gathering the baby piglets, to herding things together so Ron did not have to work as hard.  He became a valuable worker on the ranch and won the heart of one very tough person to get close to. 
We never showed Bear much but what when we came out we always won first's at all the shows.  I was a proud of him as any mother could be.  His loyalty was never ending and his heart was always in his eyes when he looked at me. Those brown eyes of his where a real heart breaker.  We bred him but one time and that lady sold all the puppies without papers.  She told me of course that they all died.  Would never do that again.
Bear always went with me to the mountains to see Ron.  He helped raise my first two Bernese dogs and was as ever the center of my world.  He became very ill at one time and so we found that he had eaten a mouse that had poison in him.  About killed the little guy.  We did all we could and did save him.  He seemed none the worse for wear. 
Years went by with Bear getting lighter hair on his head but still he could cuss Ron out, if things didn't go to suit him.  He was a constant companion to myself as well as Ron.  I shared Bear with him as Bear loved so much to work and Ron needed his help regularly. He made sure to tell Ron when he had been cheated out of a ride or anything else.  Bear is my little dog and just because I have other dogs does not mean that he is missed one tiny bit less!  Bring him home.
Bear loved to ride more than any dog and he proclaimed that the golf cart was his and his alone.  He said who got to ride and who did not. Never missed feeding with Ron both morning and night.  Bear had faults to.  One was not being very well house broken especially if he was mad at us about something.  He always told mom when things where not fair in his world.  Always under my desk and in my heart.
Bear was always ready to chase the pigs or anything else Ron wished for him to chase. Tomorrow is Christmas and we still have not gotten our boy back.  We are sad beyond words.  Please bring Bear home! You know he is someone's special dog. I will never quit looking for my little dog.  It has become a vendetta that will not end without he is home.
 Then he was given away to someone. Most likely Alice Via Dalton  with San Diego Boxer RESCUE. Gabe Lockman is the one that ended my Bears life I believe in my very heart.  He is a lier and a thief.  Karma is after him big time.

The rescues are really not helping with all the stealing of dogs going on.  It is everywhere!  If you have a purebred don't ever leave him alone for one second!  It is too easy to steal your most loved possession. 

We think Bear is in a utility building with a crew cut man about 50's and a rather fat lady.  In the building is a 4 wheel type vehicle. Also some Whippet puppies and they took the mother away. Two men did remove the dog kennel?

God tells me that he is still alive and missing me. Come home Bear! We get phone calls from people that lead us all over the country.  People really are cruel.  I just pray Bear is with a decent person and not a real looser that won't take care of him.

My neighbor across the street was arrested for hoarding over 60 dogs in a two bedroom house.  She claims to be a boxer rescue person. The dogs never BARKED!  How did she do that one?  They say you can shove a pipe down there throats to debark a dog.

Alice Via that has San Diego Boxer Rescue had  even solicited me for funds to help with her legal costs.  I told her I thought she stole  Bear. She could have stolen Bear for all I know her driveway is right across the street from mine.  She may have sent him away with someone that was railroading dogs around the country.  Seems that is quite common.  Since this year we have had several dogs "small dogs, cute dogs, or purebred dogs" come up missing!  Wonder what she drives a bicycle around for?

So I never will know what happened to Bear.  This woman Alice Via was a neighbor with my husbands AA sponsor Gabe Lockman. Gabe wanted to breed his dog to Bear when he just took him.  I know Gabe was the one that had Alice steal Bear from my driveway that day.    Makes me sick when I think of the people that have become involved with this. This was a set up deal.

This experience has caused my life to take a terrible change. I really do not care what people think about me wanting my dog back. He is my dog. I love him so much. Please have some kindof stuff inside your soul to bring him back.  Tell me where he is something.....anything.  My grief is ruining all the holidays from here on out.  Xmas is not something we ever will celebrate.  We will just mark it as when we lost Bear. 

People are cruel but I have met and found some very wonderful people out of it all. People that I call friends.  So I will go on with the upcoming year and pray just maybe he will come home. He will be 12 years old now and I am sure he is not in good health.  I just need some closure from this experience.  For right now there is none. I will track them down till the day I die at this time.

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