We are located in Lakeside California and Bella Vista, CA too!

After 4 years of struggling with the banks they finally gave me the loan that I wanted!  If you don't understand what I mean I really will  be happy to explain.

I will be staying at least for this season of puppies. After that if I get a home built up north I may go there.  At this time I am not really sure.

My love in life is my animals and the ranch is something that I work at every day to keep it on its feet.  We will be expanding our situation to San Diego and Redding CA. Moving lots of our dogs up North.  Grace Haven! It is all about what to do with the older dogs.

Click here for my web page. Getting my Bear back would be the one thing in life I wish for all the time. I know I may never see my little guy again. Makes me really not want to not be here encase he comes home. I just pray he has had a good life.

This is Ron Badgerow my other half. He has sure had his hands full around here. More pictures etc about my sweet heart! He works too hard most of the time and trying to get him to slow down. He is the best fix it person I know of. I know he worked days and days figuring all of it out. We still will sell firewood this winter. He has tons of wood to sell.  
This is my late husband Jim Parrott.  What a great person he was.  Passed on 8/8/01 and is still missed. My heart aches with the thought of not going to be here all the time anymore. We worked so hard together. Here is the link to his page.  Forever in my heart and always my mind. Still walks the ranch at night.  I know he does. I talk to him sometimes.
We are trying to set up a web page within the site for my son and his family.  I am so very proud of them and the job they are doing raising their family and working.  They are some very lovely grandkids!  That is Shawn and Dusty Parrott along with Cash and Melia Parrott!

What a perfect family they have!

My mother passed in 1994 but we where best friends.  Miss her an awful lot. My mom was a strong woman that loved her dogs and she adopted me when she was in her late 40's as a baby. That took strength in itself. Mom always said I wore my feelings on my sleeves. So many memories as she lived with us and I took care of her everyday until she died.
This is my sister Della Kincaid who died on 2004.  What a loss that was.  9 Children she gave birth to and she was really a tough person in life.  Miss our phone calls. I miss the family connection I had with Della. My visit with her before she died was my last. Her husband was a rat and I felt he was very cold and he even married my sister's nurse!  He needs to be shot!
My dad Lloyd Kreeger and I miss the most him calling me "little one".  My dad was always easy to talk to and just a kind person. He really loved me and I so wish I would have seen more of him.  This past year Sadie his wife passed away also. I have two half brothers and a half sister but they all live back east too.
Ron lost his mother in 2007.  Wilma Brisban was a wonderful lady.  She stayed with us for a few weeks in 2004 and I really found her a charming person. Ron always phoned her and the picture of her is when she won the "Queen for a Day" show!  I have only one story about Wilma and that was I got to pull her out of the bath tub!  She got stuck when she came for her visit.
Lost my dear Uncle Mark 11/1/11.  What a lose it is. He had celebrated his 75th wedding anniversary and was the founder of Armstrong Cabinets.  I wish I would have got to go visit this past summer.  I am so glad I did.  Aunt Betty writes me on and off again. She misses him so much!


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