Links some favorites

Lakeside History every Wednesday Finding Beau

another stolen dog

Fido Finder  find lost dog

I love this video!

Pogo games medical information on dogs Jeffers Pet and Livestock

vet supplies My favorite vet!

American Kennel Club vet supply San Diego Humane Society (This is a friend of mine that paints on feathers) Check it out!

vet supply  
Face Book!

I have an account Grace Sue Parrott

Wild place

Microchip information


Quality Web Site
Bernese Mountain Breeder
Quality Bernese Mountain Calendars and Bernese Mountain Puppies Go to any address and if there is a yellow man you can drag him to the street level and view other addresses.
CraigsList advertising great dog books  games favorite bead magazine
Dog Breed Info great dog place Vet supplies favorite bead store!


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