Scooter went to the great Rainbow Bridge in March.  Breaks my heart as there will never be another Scooter. He will never be forgotten!  His history is always there.  Rest in peace Scooter and I know you are chasing cows and fussing at Jim.



Didn't we shine.

Here it is 2014 and Scooter is 34 years old!  Still looks great!

He even road through the Lakeside Parade!  As good as ever!


Scooter in a Chevy Vortex Engine commercial.  He was quit a star that day.
I am a Tonka Toy is the stallion that was used for Kitty and for Taffy! One very nice horse.
Meet Taffy our gelding out of Tonka Toy out of Snickers! Our dogs and horses are all home grown!
Meet Son.  Son is out of my old stallion Palleo Rocket out of Sheba, Scooters sister.  He is just lots of fun to have and enjoy riding around with. Son went through the Lakeside Parade this year with no trouble!  Good job! Melissa Mason road him!


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