Legends of Parrott Ranch




In the beginning which was 1/15/1981 was our move in date.  Not much here to speak of just lots of empty land.
Scooter in his Chevy Vortec engine commercial. Great overlay! Scooter is getting up in years now. He is 35 next year. Scooter was quite the star!  Makes me feel old too.  Scooter his arthritis is a problem. We used to do lots of movie and commercial work in the good old days.  He is not as fast as he used to be. But neither am I for that matter.  We did ride in the Lakeside Parade for 2014!  He was a star! We rode and escorted the two women that turned 100 this year in July. Check out the update on his web pages. Scooter is a once in a lifetime horse.  Sadly he went to the rainbow bridge and I know he is free and running chasing cows.  Fairwell my best friend. 
We have wood!  Ron is selling and cutting firewood like crazy this year.  He looks rather strange with his oxygen on and cutting firewood.
Trying to find homes for lots of animals this year. The wildlife people still have my phone number so I still get those calls. We had two baby raccoons that came in this year. We sent them out to the back country. Other Animals

Not releasing many critters in town! Our peacocks are almost all gone.  They have about all gotten old like Scooter and Me! I still miss my Marvin.  My special sparrow that was a GIANT part of my life for many years.

Fires! Fires! Fires!  We have had more than enough around us.  Someone keeps us safe and we have not had any damage. Check out the video on Turko files for what we got for all our efforts!  The fire still cost us $500 fine! Never got our money back but we pay our water bill in small change every month. That makes me feel better.
Some of our Humane Society Animal Rescue Pictures. We where with them from 1985 till Jim died in 2001 as Captain of the unit. They miss him and I know they have to miss me but I just cannot go anymore. It does not seem like 13 years ago he died. He is with me lots of times when I don't think he is. I learned so much from Jim and we worked so well together that I am lost without his support. I was told by them they didn't need me anymore. So I left the unit. I am the same person and always will be there for the animal.



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