Other Art work,

Dream Catchers,

Candles, Beaded Objects

Custom candles for all occasions from weddings to funerals we make them for all special events.
Cross Stitch design!  Framed for hanging.
Dreams live in the bird house which is inside the outside is surrounded by autumn flowers! Very large piece.
This is a double dream catcher inside it is lite with a small night light.  The yoke is an old cow yoke but it worked perfect inside the dreams!
Spirit Mask.  Tears and all the deer horns the basket is one of a kind.
Beaded pipe custom made.
Beaded opera glasses.  These are just a whim that I had so I beaded it.
Flag that was made for the Lakeside Historical Society 2014!
This is a desk piece made with a stirrup and peacock feathers.
Turtle shell night light with a dream catcher in the center and mink around the edges.


Golden white dreams! White peacock feather enhance this piece.




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