Egg Artistry

All Custom Made

By Grace 


This is an antique night light that has an

ostrich shell for the shade on it.

Christmas at Santa's house with the reindeer

on the top!

 Working light inside of the ostrich shell.

Working ostrich clock that sits on a base of

 brass.  Was one of many eggs on display

at the Lakeside Historical Society Museum


Got Milk! A milk stool with a few extra parts

and a teapot painted like a cow. 

On top is the cow head!  Very different.

This is the Humpty Dumpty egg made from

an ostrich shell which is a piggy bank,

 you can get your money out of. 

Also it sits inside the pants which are plastic.

Here is a true love goose egg! 

Tiny sea shells encircle the doves.

Keep your eggs in an ostrich shell basket! 

 That way you have them for later.

I call this the Scooter Egg.  It has doors which

close and has a horse figure on the inside.

It is an ostrich egg shell.

Tinest desk set yet!  Made with a goose egg

and sits on a base with a chess set and ink pen. 

Dreams really do come true sometimes. 

This is an ostrich egg shell.  Brass base and

mink that is around the shell. In the back is a

dream catcher which is woven into the shell .. 

The owl keeps guard on the shell.

Ostrich shell coach! Pulled by 2 smart looking


 Velvet green and gold with doors on the side. 


Picture of me at the Museum with my eggs while they where on display.




Hand Lotion Dispensers!

Christmas Angel!
Travel around the ostrich shell in the globe

and it has a music box. This music box goes

around the world when you wind it up.

Purse From an ostrich shell. 

Genuine ostrich shell with a hinge to open

and handle to carry with.

Ostrich Shell Belt buckles!

Real ostrich shell buckles!

Personalized to meet what ever you wish.

Dream catcher egg from an ostrich shell.

Each bead is lite up in the egg. 

Indian theme with brass base.

Rose Clock in a carriage of gold. 

 Details of roses within the clock as well.

Stamp Dispenser from and emu egg shell. 

The stamps come from the bottom of her skirt.

Easter Basket full of decorated goose egg shell.

Music box in The basket plays Easter Bonnet.

Little people in eggs!  All shapes and sizes. 

Maybe little people anywhere you are in life!  

as we say the Lakeside "little" people.

    If interested in purchasing any of my eggs please contact me at 619-561-9169 or


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